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Application Security in Go: SAST and SCA Другое

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As Go becomes increasing popular and more widely used it is going to become a target for hackers! Most Go programmers are already familiar with linters so SAST (Static Application Security Testing) should be no surprise but what about your open source? SCA (Software Composition Analysis) helps you detect and manage the open source in your application in the development lifecycle and beyond. This talk will look at these two different technologies, what they can find and how they can keep your applications safe and secure.

Rob Haines

After 18 years of development I decided to move to the dark side and work in Application Security. I currently work as a Sales Engineer for Synopsys covering UK, Eastern Europe and Russia. I get to visit and help lots of different organisations implement, SAST, SCA, DAST and IAST into their development lifecycles. This gives me lots of exposure to different development communities, from embedded applications through to full stack development.

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