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Code editors are part of our day to day life, regardless of the operating system, programming language, or proficiency with the language. As such, we expect them to adapt to our workflows, we want them to be smart when they are needed, and stay out of our way otherwise.

This talk will explore how the built-in, real-time, code analysis integrates with IDE and provides contextual feedback and solutions for users. It will also present how the refactoring options allow users to perform operations such as extracting interfaces from types, moving types across packages, and others in a safe manner across large codebases.

Not a GoLand user? Don’t worry; the talk will contain information that should allow you to get started, by showing you how to start with the environment setup, new project and all the way to the commit and push phase. Or it will help you to decide if you want to avoid it altogether.

Are you interested in tooling for Go in general? Then the talk will allow you to see how the IDE perform static code analysis on the Go sources, explain the benefits of the IntelliJ Platform for developing tooling for languages, and provide a different perspective on how Go tooling could interact with code. The presentation will also describe some of the features that make the platform unique.

Florin Patan

Florin is a gopher for a few years now, and he built many high-performance, distributed projects.
He helps gophers everywhere and works as a Developer Advocate at JetBrains.

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