Go for Clean and Hygienic Code| Keep it simple make it Epic Clean architecture

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Varinder Singh

I’m a passionate technology professional overall 9+ years of experience in Edge operations, DevOps and Software development with IT organization. Am currently working with WalmartLabs, a technology and R&D centre for leading retail corporation firm named Walmart.

I am keen follower of the latest technologies in cloud computing and I bring myself knowledge of the latest tools and techniques.

Golang conferences are nice platform where gophers can meet new gophers and share their experience. I believe it would be a great opportunity to share my knowledge and journey with Golang so far about writing clean, testable and robust services. Golang tool chain provides many tools to keep code base consistent and neat. I want to share very simple stuff which can be very effective to build scalable and maintainable services in Go. These are simple best practices and tools someone needs to consider while refactoring or developing from the scratch.



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