Best Practices of Kubernetes API with Golang Clean architecture

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Chamod Shehanka
Platformer Cloud Pvt Ltd

Chamod Shehanka Perera is an open source enthusiast who is reading a degree in software engineering at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. Currently he’s Co-Lead at Golang Sri Lanka and GitHub Community Sri Lanka. He’s a software engineer at Platformer Cloud Pvt Ltd. And also, He’s a GitHub Campus Expert who’s interested in conducting tech talks in domains such as open-source contribution. Chamod has led FOSS Community of SLIIT as the developer relations for the 2018/19. He is a university ambassador for the Facebook Developer Circles Colombo and also, he is a active member of Google Developer Group Sri Lanka, Kubernetes Sri Lanka, Stackoverflows Sri Lanka, Mozilla Sri Lanka. He has actively volunteered in GDG DevFest, Google I/O, IEEE Congress. Chamod maintains his blog during his leisure time and also he never forgets to swim when he has free time.



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