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Exploring AI-Powered Image Discovery: Advanced Techniques with TensorFlow and Go

Go и AI

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Хотите научиться использовать TensorFlow прямо из Go? Приходите на мастер-класс Salma Shaik! Важно: он пройдет на английском языке, be prepared.

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Developers with a basic understanding of Go programming and an interest in exploring machine learning applications.


Join us on a journey into the world of AI-powered image discovery using TensorFlow and Go. This talk will delve into advanced techniques for image classification, object recognition, and more, all within the context of Go programming. We will explore the integration of TensorFlow's powerful machine learning capabilities with Go's efficient concurrency model, enabling developers to build intelligent image search applications. From understanding the basics of AI and machine learning to implementing complex algorithms for image analysis, this talk will provide a comprehensive guide for leveraging TensorFlow and Go in your projects. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting with AI, this talk will equip you with the knowledge and tools to unlock the full potential of AI-driven image discovery.

Salma Shaik


A research software engineer with a passion for machine learning, systems, and compilers. Worked at Microsoft and built consumer ML tools at 4+ AI-first startups. Currently developing a governance-as-code platform for privacy-compliant data interfaces.


Building Al governance infrastructure to facilitate Al safety research across the globe.