Golang Conf 2021
Offline conference for Go developers

30+ talks, 2 days packed with offline experience, learning and networking

December 13th and 14th at Radisson Slavyanskaya, Moscow, Russia

2 days
30+ top notch speakers
Workshops, discussions, lightning talks

We are happy to announce that on 13th and 14th of December 2021 in Moscow we will be holding the third GolangConf, one of the biggest conferences dedicated to the Go programming language in Russia!

We have decided to slightly change the format this year and to go after the best talks on development, support and maintenance of services written in the Go language. No more challenge of choice - we put extra effort in hand-picking the best talks on the most relevant topics for you. Our experts will tell you everything you need to know about development in our favorite programming language, so that you can stay on top of the trends.

This year Golang Conf is about hardcore and expertise, and the goal is to form Go expert community in Russia.

At this point in time we invite you to apply with your talk on PaperCall. Going further, we’ll have additional information about other activities that we are open to hosting at our conference.

GolangConf will take place in Moscow, Russia and we are open to hosting both in-person and online (remote) talks.

For speakers wishing to present in-person, we provide help with visa application, travel expenses and accommodation in Moscow.

Our audience consists of software engineers, infrastructure engineers, CTO’s, CEO’s, etc. Full spectrum of people interested in software development in Go language.

We have complied a list of topics that our audience is interested it. Of course, we will consider other topics as well, but this list can be used as inspiration:
Established best practices: what's valid for any (or almost any) Go project in the industry

Navigating around standard library: know your tools well

Common pitfalls in the language and standard library: how to live with them and how linters can help

Functional limitations of the language and how to go around them in style
Current state of Go: what changes are coming in the nearest future
How Go generics helped us solve the problem
Go for hackers
High availability and high resiliency in Go
Machine learning: Go vs Python
Presentation concept
  • Ideally, the talk is 30-35 minutes long.
  • Lightning talks should be 7-15 minutes long.
  • Any format should allow for follow-up questions that may take about 15 minutes after the talk is over.
  • We have a template for slides.
  • Live demos are allowed (please inform us in advance).
  • You may submit multiple proposals.
What do we expect from your proposal?
As detailed as possible
Aside from the traditional theses, we’d like to see a short summary of your talk in 2-3 paragraphs. Should you need help with it, reach out to us: we’ll do our best in helping you to prepare it.
With a title that reveals the topic
With any relevant additional materials
You are welcome to send us the draft or the link to your previous talks.

If your talk is accepted, we may ask you for a promotional video for your talk, 1-2 minutes long. Nothing fancy, you can record with your smartphone, just tell your future audience, what you want to share with them in the talk.
What else?
  • After your talk is accepted, the Program Committee will assign you a personal curator, who will help you develop the talk to maximize the impact.
  • We do not accept sales pitch style presentations. Please make sure that your talk is relevant to our audience.
  • You can take a look at our Code of Conduct here: https://confcodeofconduct.com
October 15th, 2021
CFP is closed
October 26th, 2021
The full list of approved talks is announced
November 2nd, 2021
The schedule is finalized
December 13-14th, 2021
The Conference
(speakers arrive not later than on Dec 12th)
Next steps
Submit your talk proposal

The more detailed your proposal is, the better the Program Committee can see the value of it and accept it faster.
Further discussion with the Program Committee
The Program Committee may ask for more details and offer a Zoom call to discuss your proposal.
Decision making
Usually we receive more proposals than we have slots. The choice of the Program Committee is based on such factors as topic's relevance, how original the solution was, the speaker's experience (in Go and in giving talks), the quality of the abstract, the willingness to work together with the Program Committee towards making the talk even better.
Each speaker is expected to consult with and do a test-run of the talk with the dedicated member of the Program Committee.
Our Program Commitee
The program is designed by the active members of the Russian-speaking Go Community.
Daniel Podolsky
Reddit, Golang evangelist
Andrey Slotin
Aleksander Efros
Daria Kameneva
SolarisBank AG, Senior Software Engineer
Aleksey Akulovich
Tinkoff Bank
Marko Kevac
Team Lead in Platform departament
Edgar Sipki
Nikita Shpilevoy
Speaker's bonuses
No entrance fee
The speaker's badge gives you full access to all conference zones.
We cover your travel expenses
  • Economy class return flights
  • Accommodation in a 4-star hotel close to the venue (arrival on Dec 12th, departure on Dec 15th)
  • Visa support if needed
  • Taxi transfer in Moscow
We will help to prepare for the talk
The members of the Program Committee are experienced speakers and will help you prepare to deliver your talk. 

In case you will give a remote talk, we will record the talk with you and advance and will provide opportunity for online Q&A session. 
As usual, we invite all speakers and the Program Committee members to meet up for a casual dinner the night before the conference. 
After the conference we ask the audience for the feedback and share the ratings and the comments with the speakers.
If you have any questions, please contact
Mariam Kereyeva, the Program Committee coordinator
tg: @Halfnomad
email: mariam.kereyeva@ontico.ru

The Program Committee: golangconf@ontico.ru
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